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ADT Home Security is America's number one security company and has been in business for over 130 years. Company history includes several milestones. The company continues to be a leader in service and in security system innovation.
In the 1880's, ADT put to use electric signal devices that allowed interactive communication between customers and ADT. During the war years, ADT Home Security automated Security Systems, paving the way for today's Home Security Technology.
The company continues to lead the way in Home Security. They are the largest single provider of Electronic Security Services to over six million accounts in the United States.

ADT is responsible for security at all United States Federal courthouses, 72 U.S. mid and large size airports, and helps secure 19 of the 30 busiest airports in the country.

Installers for ADT put in more than 80 Security Systems per hour. The company employees over 6000 service technicians and installers.

Free risk assessments and security reviews are available for home and business owners the ADT website. A large variety of products and services were available from ADT.

ADT Home Security Services to home owners include basic burglary protection. The Essentials Package includes control panel, keypad, hardwired door and window sensors, hardwired motion detection, indoor alarm, transformer and battery backup and window decals and yard signs.

The other hand of the ADT Home Security protection spectrum is the premier package. The premier package includes control panel, a touchpad, cell guard backup, two way voice speaker station, smoke detector, flood sensor, temperature change or carbon monoxide detector, hardwired door and window sensors hardwired motion detector, indoor sounder, transformer in battery backup, window decals and yard signs.

With this Security package homeowners can rest assured that ADT is monitoring for burglary, power failure, and shows and terrible conditions such as blood or carbon monoxide protection.

Security System demos at ADT's home page give potential customers opportunity to explore the system. Helpful information on the site includes a customer false alarm checklist aimed at helping customers prevent false alarms.
Why are people choosing ADT Home Security Services? Guarantees are one of the reasons. If customers are satisfied with the service they receive from ADT, the company will refund installation and monitoring fees within the first six months of service.

Customers who are victims of a burglary will receive up to $500 toward homeowners insurance deductibles. Customers who remain with ADT's Home Security for more than two years then move are eligible for ADT's premium mover package.
The premium mover package includes a free ADT Security System for the new residence along with a 25% discount on service upgrades.

ADT Home Security business products and services include intrusion detection and video surveillance. The basic intrusion detection package includes next keypad, control panel, motion sensor, door contacts, indoor sounder and window decals.
Premium ADT Home Security business package includes those basics plus other Wireless Devices such as a holdup button.
For large businesses, the company offers a wide array of fire and safety products, video surveillance, radio frequency Security Solutions, intrusion detection, backup communication options, service plans, and a long list of preferred services.

Business services are also available by industry. Banking and finance, commercial and industrial, general business, Health Care, retail and small business are some of the supported industries.

ADT Home Security Company is the nation's oldest provider of Security solutions and the number one choice of Americans for Security Services. The company continues to be a leader and service and innovation.

Hernan Moreno
Consultant on the field of home security.



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